Session 1A, Traveller preferences and time valuations


Travel preferences of public transport users under uneven headways

Jaime Soza-Parra, Juan Carlos Munoz and Sebastián Raveau


Cross cultural study of departure Reliability on Bus Transportation Systems

Miguel Loyola, John Nelson, David Levinson and Geoffrey Clifton


Misperceptions and intuitive statistics: A comparison of actual and perceived travel time reliability 

Emily Moylan, Michiel Bliemer and Taha Hossein Rashidi

 The value of travel time margin

Zhaoqi Zang, Xiangdong Xu, Anthony Chen and David Z.W. Wang



Session 1B, Railway service and network


Improving the punctuality and reliability of train services in Great Britain

John Armstrong and John Preston


A Stochastic Model for Railway Network Reliability: Analysis of a Periodic Train Timetable

Ismail Sahin and Mehmet Sirin Artan


Resilience analysis in railway networks:combining link restoration and traffic management

Nikola Besinovic and Raphael Nassar


Scheduling Multimodal Alternative Services for Managing Infrastructure Maintenance Possessions in Railway Networks

Jacob Trepat Borecka and Nikola Besinovic



Session 2A, Assessing the impacts of network developments and disruptions


Evidence of before and after effects of transport infrastructure projects on link travel time reliability

Kasun Wijayaratna, Emily Moylan, Sisi Jian, Meead Saberi and Travis Waller


Metropolitan Development Public Transport Index

João Ernani Antunes Costa, Guilherme Araújo Grochowski and Vitor Gonçalves de Souza


Spatial analysis for a strategic national road plan

Yoav Lerman and Yonatan Lebendiger


Exploring the change of London transit robustness between 2013 and 2017 from network perspectives 

Yuerong Zhang, Maria Kamargianni and Manos Chaniotakis





Session 2B, Reliability and delay propagation in public transport systems


 Assessing the spatial impacts of unreliable public transport systems: A quasi real-time data-driven approach

Gabriel Tilg, Marcel Skrecki, Felix Bahr, Andreas Keler, Antonios Tsakarestos, Richard Göbel and Fritz Busch


Indicators of spatial passenger delay propagation and their relation to topological indicators 

Oded Cats and Anne Mijntje Hijner


Vulnerability of public transport networks using graph-spectral and accessibility analyses 

Bahman Lahoorpoor, Somwrita Sarkar and David Levinson


Meaningful Estimation of Transit Segment Running Time Distributions 

Beda Büchel and Francesco Corman





Session 2C, Road network vulnerability


Road network vulnerability: A nationwide analysis of 69 cities from Japan 

Johan Rose Santos, Nur Diana Safitri, Maya Safira, Varun Varghese and Makoto Chikaraishi


Evaluation of long-term road network improvement by multiple-year eigenvector centrality analysis 

Hiroe Ando, Fumitaka Kurauchi and Michael Bell


A probability-based approach for road network vulnerability analysis

Yi Wang, Yu Jiang and Wai Yuen Szeto


Assessing vulnerability and importance of road network under disruption of multiple links

Yu Gu, Anthony Chen and Xiangdong Xu



Session 3A, Evacuation and post-disaster management


An agent-based decision support tool for storm surge evacuation planning: A case study of Takamatsu, Japan

Hitomi Nakanishi, Sarah Wise and Yoshihiro Suenaga


Assessing the navigation error characteristics of residents and tourists during evacuation – a combined simulation and virtual reality approach

Yuval Hadas, Boaz Ben-Moshe, Guy Wachtel, Oren Nahum, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Yuhan Gao and Koichi Sabashi


Post-disaster road network recovery plans considering origin-destination connectivity, shortest path length and congestion

Katsuya Sakai and Kai-Hsuan Wu





Session 3B, Managing uncertainty in on-demand and shared mobility


Pricing strategy of ride-sourcing service under travel time variability

Manzi Li, Gege Jiang and Hong K. Lo


Demand Responsive Transportation Routing Considering User Satisfaction: A Case Study in Beijing

Chang Lu and Yuehui Wu


Variance in access distance to free-floating services considering uncertain availability

Ziang Yao and Jan Dirk Schmoecker





Session 3C, Traffic management and control


Reliability of network-wide traffic management

Marco Rinaldi and Francesco Viti


 Identification of critical intersections for real-time traffic control purposes 

Georgios Sarlas and Anastasios Kouvelas


Traffic signal optimisation in disrupted networks, to mitigate travel time and CO2 emissions

Dana Abudayyeh, Alan Nicholson and Dong Ngoduy

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