Session 7A, Link criticality analysis


A Framework for Identification of Systematic Service Deterioration in Urban Rail Systems using Automated Data 

Kenji Chigusa, Haris Koutsopoulos and Nigel Wilson


A “backward” failure spreading model and its robustness against poor input data quality

Xiangyang Guan and Cynthia Chen


Mitigation effect of criticality of rail projects in the united rail networks of South and North Koreas 

Dongjae Jung, Justin Chang and Jihwan Hwang


Detecting critical stations of metro networks using community detection methods 

Ho-Yin Chan, Paiziliya Abuduaini and Anthony Chen





Session 7B, Road network reliability


Multi-asset roadway improvement scheduling with updated asset states for enhanced traffic network reliability

Weiwen Zhou and Elise Miller-Hooks


Link Reliability Estimation Method of Reliable Road Network for National Resilience under Disaster Environment 

Mamoru Fujita and Hiroshi Wakabayashi


Comparison of bootstrap-estimated link flow variation with observed day-to-day fluctuation 

Katsuya Kumagae and Takuya Maruyama


Optimising road network restoration from capacity-reducing damage in North-East Scotland

Antonio Pellicer-Pous and Neil Ferguson



Session 8A, COVID-19 impacts and modelling


Urban traffic congestion evolution patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jian Li, Pengfei Xu, Weifeng Li and Tian Gan


Simulation-based Mitigation of COVID-19 Outbreaks on Rail Transport Network 

Rui Xue, Zhiqiang Ma and Xiaoning Ma


Changes in Travel Behaviour due to the Covid-19 Crisis: A Case Study for Bangladesh 

Nafis Anwari, Md. Tawkir Ahmed, Md Rakibul Islam, Md. Hadiuzzaman and Shohel Amin



Session 8B, Public transport planning and operations


31, Applying synchronization in branch and trunk bus networks: an experimental analysis

Georgios Laskaris, Oded Cats, Erik Jenelius, Marco Rinaldi and Francesco Viti


Network Assignment with Premium Fares to Improve Travel Time Reliability

Saeed Maadi and Jan-Dirk Schmöcker


How to use APC data to model passenger movement on-board? An application to Paris suburban train network

Rémi Coulaud and Mathilde Vimont


Zonal-based flexible bus service scheduling under stochastic demand and time-dependent travel time

Enoch Lee, Xuekai Cen and Hong Lo





Session 8C, Location and routing problems


An exact algorithm for the green location-routing problem under demand uncertainty

Mengtong Wang, Michael Bell and Lixin Miao


Vulnerable Road User Personalized Optimum and Dynamic (VRUPOD) Routing

Justice Darko, Hyoshin Park and Joseph Chow


Optimal Park-and-ride Facility Location and Fleet Sizing to Enhance the Resilienceof Transport Networks 

Elise Henry, Angelo Furno, Nour-Eddin El Faouzi and David Rey


Saving cost by the deployment of Autonomous Mobile Lockers (AMLs) for last-mile deliveries 

Jun Li, Michael Bell and Hamidreza Ensafian



Session 9A, Network state estimation and predictions


Road network state estimation at the heavy rain disaster using ETC2.0 probe data

Wataru Inaba, Hideki Yaginuma, Shintaro Terabe, Kosuke Tanaka and Nan Kang


Optimization of traffic sensor locations for stochastic link travel time estimation with use of multiple-source data  

Hao Fu, William H.K. Lam and Hu Shao

 Proactive prediction of weather-related rail service delays on the rail network in Great Britain

David Jaroszweski, Qian Fu and Nithin Murali



Session 9B, Train delay analysis and prediction


Passenger Train Delay Prediction Modelling with Weather Information Using Machine Learning

Pipatphon Lapamonpinyo, Sybil Derrible and Francesco Corman


Delay analysis of departing trains from shunting yards: a case study 

Niloofar Minbashi, Markus Bohlin and Behzad Kordnejad


Automated offline detection of disruptions using smart card data 

Faye Jasperse, Panchamy Krishnakumari, Maaike Snelder, Yilin Huang and Oded Cats